Physical Therapy FAQs

Most of our patients at the Health & Wellness Clinic in Overland are interested in how physical therapy can alleviate various ailments. We answer some of the common queries below.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a medical treatment that addresses limited movement and function. It is a rehabilitative approach to restoring flexibility and mobility without surgery or medication. Physical therapy features specific and gentle exercises like stretching, walking on a treadmill, and lifting light weights. These exercises can be supplemented with ultrasound, massage, heat therapy, and other healing techniques. Our physical therapist uses personalized treatments to encourage the healing of soft tissue and reduce inflammation and pain.

Can Physical Therapy be Integrated with a Chiropractic Treatment Program?

We are enthusiastic about holistic wellness programs that maximize the health of the entire body. You can include physical therapy as part of your chiropractic care, especially if your muscles feel tight or stiff. Our chiropractor will re-align your spine to its natural position, and physical therapy will help you achieve pain-free motion.

What Issues Does Physical Therapy Address?

Physical therapists specialize in a range of conditions, including:

  • Sport-related injuries such as dislocations, concussions, tennis elbows, and rotator cuff tears
  • Pediatric disorders like cerebral palsy
  • Trauma from automobile accidents
  • Chronic respiratory conditions, including pneumonia and asthma
  • Neurological ailments such as stroke, brain injuries, and multiple sclerosis
  • Problems with coordination and balance
  • Arthritis and other kinds of joint pain
  • Spinal injuries and herniated discs
  • Women’s health issues, including urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and fibromyalgia

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

The primary benefit of physical therapy is improved mobility. Our physical therapist works with patients who have trouble walking or standing and uses strengthening exercises to restore their mobility. Physical therapy is especially essential to people seeking to regain their previous function after a stroke.

Whether you are an athlete or were involved in an automobile accident, our chiropractor will help you recover from injuries. Physical therapy can also prepare you for surgery and reduce the healing period after surgery.

Physical Therapy in Overland Park

Contact the Health & Wellness Clinic at (913) 579-1154 to learn more about how physical therapy and chiropractic care can help you. You may also request an appointment online.



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