The Benefits of Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Care

The Health & Wellness Clinic in Overland Park focuses on providing the finest in chiropractic care to treat the causes of pain and discomfort. What sets us apart from other medical centers is our focus on relieving pain and healing injuries without having to rely on painful surgery or risky medications. We have leading experts in the field who specialize in massage therapy and chiropractic care. Our treatments provide our patients a way to manage their pain and help them to get back to living life to the fullest. Pain relieve is possible with either of these techniques, but with the combination of these two, they can bring you much more efficient pain relief.

Pain Relief from Massage Therapy

Few things can ruin your day or slow you down quite like back or neck pain caused by injury, overuse, or medical conditions. These issues can cause everyday tasks to be painful or nearly impossible. With the use of massage therapy, you can expect reduced stress, improved circulation, a reduction in pain, and improved flexibility. This therapy loosens the muscles and tendons while increasing the blood flow throughout the body. In addition to providing pain relief, massage therapy has also been known to reduce fatigue and help with mobility problems.

Pain Relief From our Chiropractor

Chiropractic care offers many of the same benefits that massage therapy offers but it uses different methods to achieve that goal. Through the use of manual adjustments, the doctor manipulates the joints, spine, and neck to provide pain relief. Our chiropractor also treats pain related to herniated or slipped discs by realigning the vertebrae in the spine. The vertebrae can be out of alignment due to an injury, overuse, or even bad posture. Speaking of posture, our chiropractor can also provide proper posture guidance for your work and home routines.

Between visits to the chiropractor, we can recommend certain at-home exercises that are used to relieve pain and strengthen certain muscles. Exercises are a great way to manage your pain on your own in a natural and drug-free manner. By choosing chiropractic care, it is often possible to avoid surgeries that are not always effective or results that are long-lasting. The best, safest, and most effective way to treat your pain is with chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Pain Treatment Options in Overland Park

If you are coping with daily pain and you live in the Overland Park area, call The Health & Wellness Clinic today at (913) 579-1154. Set up a consultation to find out if chiropractic care or massage therapy is right for you.